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MS / HMS series

MS / HMS series
Opis High-pressure multicellular centrifugal pump, with closed impeller and diffuser. DIN and ANSI flanges possible.

The suction and discharge openings are adjustable to the system according to the needs of the installation. Mechanical materials and seals for any application and fluid. Pumps can be made of any material: Cast iron, duplex, super duplex, Hasteloy, AISI-316, AISI-316.
Dane techniczne
Size DN Between 32 and 250
Flow m3/h up to 1000
Height m 550
Temperature ºC -10 to +140
Max. pressure bar 30 (63)
Speed r.p.m. up to 3600

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Katalog produktów

VMS series

High-pressure multicellular centrifugal pump.